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Vallejo 71191 Model Air Set - Railway Colors Europe 16 Colour Acrilic Paint Set

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Model Air - Railway Colours (Europe)

Model Air are pre-thinned air brush colours made up of very finely ground pigments which are excellent for airbrushing and can be used straight from the 17ml eye-dropper bottle.

Contains: 15x 17ml paints and 1x 17ml satin varnish

VAL 71.001 White
VAL 71.014 Gunship Green
VAL 71.019 Cam Dark Green
VAL 71.028 Sand Yellow
VAL 71.037 Mud Brown
VAL 71.039 Hull Red
VAL 71.049 Medium Sea Grey
VAL 71.057 Black
VAL 71.062 Aluminium (Metallic)
VAL 71.069 Rust (Metallic)
VAL 71.076 Skintone
VAL 71.078 Gold Yellow
VAL 71.080 Rust
VAL 71.084 Fire Red
VAL 71.090 Blue "Blue Angels"
VAL 70.522 Satin Varnish