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Vallejo 71181 Model Air Set - Metallic Effects 16 Colour Acrilic Paint Set

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Model Air Set - Metallic Effects

This set contains 16 different metallic colours of Model Air acrylic paint from Vallejo Acrylics.
Model Air are pre-thinned air brush colours made up of very finely ground pigments which are excellent for spraying directly through an airbrush.

Contains: 16x 17ml paints

VAL 71.062 Aluminium (Metallic)
VAL 71.063 Silver (Metallic)
VAL 71.064 Chrome (Metallic)
VAL 71.065 Steel (Metallic)
VAL 71.066 Gold (Metallic)
VAL 71.067 Bright Brass (Metallic)
VAL 71.068 Copper (Metallic)
VAL 71.069 Rust (Metallic)
VAL 71.070 Turn Signal Red (Metallic)
VAL 71.071 Artic Blue (Metallic)
VAL 71.072 Gun (Metallic)
VAL 71.073 Black (Metallic)
VAL 71.077 Wood
VAL 71.080 Rust
VAL 71.082 Fluorescent Red
VAL 71.097 Grey Primer