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Roden 1:72 057 Fairchild ?-123/UC-123K Model Aircraft Kit

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PKROD057 Fairchild ?-123/UC-123K
The Fairchild UC-123K Provider was a US Air Force special purpose aircraft, a variant of the C-123 military transport. Its primary mission was to spray Agent Orange herbicide over Vietnam to reduce deciduous cover over large areas, facilitating the detection of guerrilla groups and moving weapons. In total, 25 type C-123K were converted and used with considerable effect. The peak of operations came in the second half of the 1960s, when the UC-123K carried out thousands of missions in the South East Asian country, causing extensive damage to tens of thousands of acres. After the end of Operation Ranch Hand, all the surviving aircraft were converted back to C-123K configuration. Five aircraft were lost during operations, and the total number of hits received by the UC-123K from ground fire reached nearly ten thousand, proving its tough and reliable construction.
Plastic model assembly kit, requires paint and glue.