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Italeri 1:72 6196 GLADIATORS FIGHT - Battle Set kit

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The practice of gladiator fights quickly spread in Roman culture. Its origin is to be linked to the munus, that is to the practice of the wealthiest characters and in view of offering the people public performances on the occasion of anniversaries, parties and events. The construction of the largest amphitheater in the world intended for gladiator games is due to the Emperor Vespasian: the Flavian amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum. The fights often took place between different pairs of gladiators, characterized by specific characteristics and equipment, such as the Mirmilloni, the Thracians, the Scutores and the Reziari. Not only in Rome but in every city of the vast empire there was an amphitheater dedicated to gladiator shows and entertainment for the public. Gladiators trained in the "Ludus", the gymnasium firmly run by the Lanista, where they acquired the practices and experience in combat. The largest and most important gladiatorial school of ancient Rome, the "Ludus Magnus", was close to the Colosseum and connected to it by an underground gallery.