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Italeri 1:72 6195 Battle for the Reichstag 1945 - Battle Set kit

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Battle for the Reichstag 1945 - BATTLE SET


The Battle of Berlin ended the Second World War on European territory. The great offensive launched by the Soviet Red Army, after passing the German defensive lines on the Oder River, directly attacked the capital of the Third Reich. The city, defended by units of the Wehrmacht, the Waffen-SS, the Hitlerjugend and the Volkssturm was the scene of the last and fierce clashes of the war. The Soviet forces, led by Marshal Zukov and Marshal Konev and decidedly superior in men, means and motivation, obtained the surrender and capitulation of the city on 2 May 1945. The Reichstag building, seat of the Reich parliament, had a strong value symbolic and constituted the scenario of the last phases of the battle. The soldier of the Red Army raising the flag of the Soviet Union on the ruins of the Reichstag,