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Italeri 1:48 2706 UH - 60 / MH - 60 BLACK HAWK Model Aircraft Kit

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UH - 60 / MH - 60 BLACK HAWK


The Black Hawk is a multi-purpose helicopter used on the front line by the Army for air assault, sky cavalry, medical rescue and evacuation units. It was designed to carry 11 assault troop soldiers, complete with heavy armament, to the target, and is also capable of carrying a 105mm howitzer. complete with 30 bullets. The Black Hawk was first used in 1978, its advanced technology facilitates maintenance in the field. The Black Hawk has performed very well in numerous combat and evacuation missions, of which the most important lately have been Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq. In addition, modified versions of the Black Hawk operated as special operations platforms.

Type: Combat helicopters
Period: From the 90s
Country: United States
Skill: 3
Model size: 31.7 cm
Box size: 242x60x345 mm