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Hasegawa 1:72 HAE44 Su-35S Flanker Model Aircraft Kit

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1:72 Su-35S Flanker

Technically, the Su-35S is a modified Su-27. But since the Su-35S is loaded with improved avionics, vectored thrust engines, additional hardpoints for weapons and more it's practically a whole new airplane. Its Mach 2.25 speed and over 17,000 lbs (8,000 kg) of ordnance capacity is extremely impressive. Its speed, ordnance capacity and range are all greater than comparable American and European airframes. Even with all its impressive performance, the Su-35S is only intended as a stopgap for until Russia's fifth generation fighter is released.


  • Russian Air Force aircraft belonging to "04" (upper surface blue camouflage)
  • Russian Air Force aircraft "07" (upper surface dark gray paint)
  • Other aircraft numbers

Kit Features:

  • Skill Level 3
  • 299 pieces
  • Length: 12.05 in (306 mm)
  • Width: 8.07 in (205 mm)
  • Age 14+